About us

    The idea of online business was spinning in my head quite a while. Since childhood I was into crafts, music, art and creativity. I wanted to merge both things together business and art. I wanted to sell something Unique and Extraordinary, so people Feel Good about themselves and Stand Out from the crowd! That’s how Bezzart appeared in my life (bizzare* - strange, unusual) Bezzart! Wear Art with Pride! That’s how this project was born. I am very grateful to our team of young, independent and talented artists, graphic designers and illustrators from all over the world Mantas Tamosaitis, Irina Pirogova and Mikas Kura.
    We sell unique Phone Cases, T-shirts and Hoodies for both women and men, that cannot be bought anywhere else! You can wear or use our products with pride! It's important for us you FEEL GOOD and LOOK OUTSTANDING with any item you choose from our shop! Whenever you buy something on our shop, you support talented, but yet unknown artists. Because of people like you, they can follow their real passion and do what they truly love - express themselves via art.
 With love, Bezzart team